We’re No Longer Talking - November 2021

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Pat Thomas and Sam Moore are both London-based illustrators who graduated from Camberwell College of Art in 2020.

Having endured lockdowns in Cornwall and Norfolk respectively, the two illustrators cultivated a strong creative bond, as part of a collective,through sending illustrated post-cards to eachother, basing each drawing of the last card received.

Their debut collaborative show at the Peckham Pelican sees them explore the possibilities of collaboration further, with a three-metre-wide collaborative Triptych at it’s centre showing an imaginary interior, filled with fictional objects of intrigue.

There are 9 other painted works exhibited, each of which explores the context of the objects in the centrepiece. Who owns them? How did they arrive in this imagined space?

At the core of the duo’s exhibition is friendship. The works exhibit a conversational tone, with in-jokes, punchlines and playful stories, often aiming to make each other laugh.

‘We’re no Longer Talking' was available at the Peckham Pelican from 4th-20th November 2021.

See Sam’s work here